Hi there! I'm Mike Tosetto, a Motion Designer based in Sydney, Australia. I love to create animation, 3D and videos.

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About me

I'm obsessed with animation and love making things move.

Over the years as a motion designer, I've been lucky to win a few awards and have work featured by some of my favourite animation blogs and design magazines.

I'm proud to work with Interbrand as the Motion Director. I'm surrounded by designers, writers and strategists who are driven by big ideas and thrive on bringing those ideas to life.

I spend a lot of my spare time on side projects, experimenting with new techniques and collaborating with other creatives.

When I'm not glued to the screen, I love to take my bike for a spin and check out new places I've never been before.

I also play the didjeridoo and it's taken me to some awesome places over the years. It even took me to Glastonbury Festival back in 2005. Good times.

While you're here, why not take a peek at my showreel and portfolio.

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The tools I use for motion design.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Headus UV Layout
  • Ableton Live

Case studies

These case studies delve into the details for some of the projects I've worked on.

Check out the AGDA case study Check out the Darling Harbour case study Digital Tutors Geometrica tutorial project Dragon Clan project


Clients and collaborators I've worked with have had some very nice things to say about my work.

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These videos are a collection of my personal and self-initiated work.


These videos are a collection of my commercial work.

  • Video IGLOO
  • Identity animation

Stings and Idents

Here are some stings, idents and short animations.

Video Bookworld Video The Botanist Video This City Speaks Video The Great Blandini Video The Poster Collective Video Art Month

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June 2014


The Loop's Film, TV and Animation Portfolio Masterclass took place recently as part of Sydney's Vivid Festival. I was proud to participate as a mentor and it was a great experience. I met some talented motion designers looking for their break in such a competitive field and did my best to give useful feedback and constructive advice to help them progress.

In our industry, a portfolio is more important than a qualification or a job title. It often doesn't matter where you've worked or for how long, it's all about what you're capable of and a portfolio allows you to showcase your strongest work and put your best foot forward. I think portfolio masterclasses are important because they offer the opportunity for people to share their work with peers who are constantly reviewing portfolios when looking for prospective people to hire.

I was interviewed by The Loop in the lead up to this event. I've also included a few photos from the day on Flickr if you'd like to take a look.

With a reputation as one of the 'not to be missed' events on the AGDA calendar, I was honoured to be a guest speaker at the AGDA Shot Down event, which took place at Play Bar on June 18. Shot Down is an opportunity for speakers to talk about work that 's been unseen, unheard, unrealised and under appreciated.

I spoke about my working life as a motion designer at Interbrand, which is very different to other studios I've worked in the past. The main reason being that I'm involved in projects from the very beginning, during the conceptual phase. Usually motion designers are provided with a script and brand guidelines at the very least, but at Interbrand I'm involved with the designers and writers while the brand is actually being developed. I also talked through two client projects that have been shot down addressing what the client needed, what we aimed to provide and why the work was shot down.

It was a fantastic evening and I'm extremely happy with the response I received for my talk.

I've been teaching myself more about rigging in Cinema 4D so I modelled and rigged a character from Mr Bill's artwork that he used for his Glitch Opera Series. I'm really happy with the setup of this rig and will animate it next. I made a screen recording while I was just messing about with the newly built rig, which you can watch on Vimeo.

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I've been fortunate to work on a diverse range of brands as the Senior Motion Designer at Interbrand, along with my own freelance and self-initiated projects. Here is a selection of brands I've worked on from Telstra, the largest Telco in Australia, to FBI Radio, a community radio station, and everything in between.

Brands I've worked on